crystal pendant lamp

The sophisticated design of this circular chandelier is crafted with fine crystals, giving Manooi unparalleled attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. The Comet chandelier is equipped with the latest LED technology, making it energy efficient and perfect for any smart home. This stunning luminaire is a testament to the artistry and quality of the Manooi brand. It has a delicate and detailed design that represents timeless value.


Technical details
Type:Crystal pendant lamp
Structure:Polished or painted metal structure
Trimmings:Full-cut crystal octagons
Pinnings:Nickel plated rings
Suspension: Galvanized bowden cable – 0,8 mm
Light source:31W 3000K LED | 44W 3000K LED | 68W 3000K LED

COMET CIRCLE size in cm

  • L 60 x W 60 x H 6
  • L 80 x W 80 x H 6
  • L 120 x W 120 x H 6

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